Rubicon, Northern Country
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Northern Country
Inhabitants A lot
Rubicon was a major city in 1st World and was within the top three largest cities list including Congress and Seahurst.  Rubicon was located in Northern Country and served as a capital city to the nation and world for a time period before that honor was granted to Congress.  The city was known for it's stunning beauty being located on such a unique location of land.


The city of Rubicon was located on a high bluff with cliff faces on three out of four sides of the city.  The city was built on this narrow chunk of land that jutted out of the water.  To the south of the city was water as there was to the north and east.  Gregory Bay was located north, and Mission Lake to the northwest.  West of the city was a large lake that many homes were located faced, including a large mountain range. The Ricario Sea surrounds most of the city.


Rubicon was founded and built by USAPatriot soon after Port Orman was founded.  There were consierable talks of moving the spawn located from Fort Nick to a more established city, but this never happened.

Before Northern Country, RubiconTwin Lake Terrace, and Mission Lake formed a government district known as the Northwest Regional States.  At the time, this was northwest of 1st World.  But this name was shortlived as relations grew with Council County.

Northern Country was soon formed out of Council County in Port Orman.  It was decided that Rubicon and Port Orman would form a treaty to become one government entity.  Council County would still exist as a district within Northern Country and it did.  Rubicon then became the capital city of the newly formed Northern Country until eventually that status was passed along to the city of Congress.  Before Congress became the capital, Rubicon was often considered the capital of 1st World.

Roads quickly branched out in all directions and Rubicon became the most important city in 1st World, one that everyone looked up too.  Soon other large cities grew around the Rubicon Metro area like Mission Lake and Davis.  The Sunset Highway was built from Rubicon east towards Bell and Holden then continued on to the isolated lakeside town of Lake Renegade.  The highway continued eastward to SeahurstRedwood, and soon Burnett, which then built a new highway undercutting the Frontier Highway to Fort Patriot.  

A new port district grew along the east end of downtown helped boost the city economy with trade along the Orman Sea.


Rubicon was a terminus for major roadways including the Sunset Highway which went west to Seahurst and Redwood.  Roads went all around the city.  There was an important train station located at the west end of the city as well as a separated elevated rail system that went from the west end, to the downtown sectors of the city.  There were a total of three stations on the elevated rail system.  Rubicon was the only city to have an elevated rail system in 1st World.

The Northern Country Ferry Service had a dock in Rubicon that had constant runs from Rubicon to Davis and Port Orman.  This was the only ferry service in 1st World.

City ServicesEdit

Rubicon had courthouse, city hall, large fire department, and major hospital all located within the city.  The city was policed by the Rubicon Police Department, which had a large headquarters downtown.  All the surrounding communities had their own municipal police departments except for Willington and Gregory Bay.

City DistrictsEdit

Rubicon was separated into various districts.  They were Lakeside, Downtown, Cliffside, and Port.

Rubicon Metro AreaEdit

The Rubicon metro area for a long time remained the largest metropolitan area in 1st Wordl until the Seahurst-Redwood metro area grew and took top honors.  Many suburbs surrounded Rubicon and depending on who you asked, the metro area sometimes included Davis and sometimes didn't.  Below is a list of the cities, towns, and suburbs within the Rubicon metro area.


Gregory Bay

Mission Lake


Twin Lake Terrace


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