Saban Sea
Saban Sea is located on the left of this map.
Vital statistics
Type Geographic Location
Level Sea
Location 1st World Central
Inhabitants Sea Life
The Saban Sea may have been the largest sea in the central civilized area of 1st World.  It borders many different government entities.


The sea shared borders with many government entities.  The most apparent borders were shared by [[Northern Country to the north and east, as well as Fort Nick to the southeast.  The southern border touched Newfield County and ran around Jonville County.  To the west was the unincoporated territory town of Hayden Falls followed by unincorporated land further to the west until you reached the Jadeon Kingdom.

Exploration & OwnershipEdit

Exploration was extremely poor as early settlers and explorers had no idea Jonville would be connected to the same water as Fort Nick, parts of Rubicon and towns as far northwest as Bell and Holden.  It was not until the formation of Northern Country and the Northern Country Territorial Exploratory Service did things become fully mapped out.  The waters were left nuetral for all to freely use.  The Northern Country plopped two Northern Country Navy ships to patrol the waters and keep trade and boaters safe.  There has never been a problem on the sea between government entities.  Portions of the northwest Saban Sea fall directly in ownership with Northern Country

The Northern Country Navy was the only military presence on the sea, as no other nation or government entity had the means or need to patrol the waters.

A small portion of the Saban Sea is in direct ownership of Jonville County, but they have no naval force to control it.

Newfield County also has direct ownership of some portions of the sea, but they have no settlements or roads to any portion of the sea.


The waters are most used by Northern Country ships that trade along the sea.  Northwest portions of the Saban Sea are completely within Northern Country land.  Most shipping is done from Rubicon to areas like Bell and Holden where goods can then be sent on roads to more remote areas like Bragernway.