Seahurst, Northern Country
Downtown Seahurst.
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Northern Country, 1st World
Inhabitants Citizens
Seahurst was the largest city in the western portion of Northern Country in 1st World.  It was a principle city in the Seahurst-Redwood metropolitian area.


Seahurst originally started as a small military post west of Lake Renegade.  It was not until the construction of rail brough in by Northern Country did the post expand into a sprawling city.  To the south of the city was the border with the Jadeon Kingdom and the small village of Tarik.  Good relations helped both economies, but Seahurst continued to outgrow anything south of the border.  It soon became the largest city in western Northern Country.

Seahurst became the first city in Northern Country to have built a large outdoor stadium for field sports.  It also implemented new ideas in urban planning never seen before.  Because of this, the Seahurst-Redwood metropolitian area became the most populated area in Northern Country.


Seahurst was a terminus for major highways heading west and east.  To the east, the Sunset Highway headed towards Lake Renegade, Rubicon, and Congress.  To the west, a newer highway was built that passed through Redwood and Burnett and finally connected to the Frontier Highway that led to Fort Patriot.

An important train station was located in Seahurst.  It was unique because it separated the the nations of Northern Country and Jadeon Kingdom.  The rail line split the countries, and the train station was split with one half for Seahurst and the other half for Tarik.  Seahurst's half the the station was covered and larger then the small outdoor platform Tarik had.

City ServicesEdit

Seahurst had more services per capita then any other city in 1st World.  It was the largest shopping center in 1st World and Northern Country.  A major shopping center was Westwood Shopping Center which houses a Munroe's.  There was also other major chain companies like A Mart, Downtown Grocery, Gordo Taco, and Quick Burger!.

Seahurst had two major hospitals.

Law enforcement in Seahurst was conducted by the Seahurst Police Department which had a large headquarters located at the west end with the city hall.  There was also a jail.  The Northern Country National Police Force, or State Police, also had their west division located in Seahurst.

The Seahurst Fire Department was one of the largest fire departments in Northern Country.