South Highway
A bridge along the South Highway in Coast County.
Vital statistics
Type Transportation
Level Highway
Location Wood County, Frontier County, Coast County, and Snowcadia County. Nation of Aurum, 2nd World.
Inhabitants Unknown
 The South Highway is the longest continuous route in the Nation of Aurum and 2nd World.  It is one of the most heavily travelled routes and passed through four different counties.  The highway runs north to south.


Nation of Aurum planners wanted to connect Westport to Southpoint.  Already highways connected from cities like Riverbend and Rockwell to Westport, but no continuous road went to Southpoint.  At this point, Southpoint could only be reached by water or rail.  So the massive project began as the highway headed south from Westport to Frontier Valley.  Frontier Valley was a major hub during the construction of the roadway because of it's central location.  It served as a town of refuge and rest for workers through much of the development until construction entered Coast County.  Numerous roadhouses were constructed along the way to help tavellers and workers.

Route DescriptionEdit

Starting in the north, the south highway heads southbound, just east of Westport.  The route then leaves Wood County and enters Frontier County where travellers can enjoy a more rural setting.  Frontier Valley is the biggest town through Frontier County as the traveller continues to head south.  Once you cross over into Coast County, the route changes from an inland route to a oceanside highway known for it's scenic nature.  After passing Hemmingway the route if mostly remote and rural, and heavily forested.  Finally, once the dense forests start to clear, the route opens up into the city of Orford.  Orford is the largest city on the route minus Westport and Southpoint.  The route continues south and crosses a bridge onto Hoth Island in Snowcadia County.  The route goes through Hoth and crosses over onto Dleit Island where it finally reaches Southpoint.