Tarik, Jadeon Kingdom
Vital statistics
Type Village
Level 1
Location Jadeon Kingdom
Inhabitants Unknown
Tarik is a small village in the Jadeon Kingdom right along the border with Northern Country.  Tarik sits in the shadow of the major sprawling Northern Country metropolis of Seahurst and Redwood.

Tarik is mostly housing and farming, but there is a few small shops for the locals.  The town sits in the middle of great plains beside a lake and is northwest of Osaril.  A train station serves the town in a rather unique manner because half of the station is in one country and the other in another.  The rail tracks split the Jadeon Kingdom and Northern Country boundaries.  Nation relations are relaxed as most citizens in Tarik travel to Seahurst for shopping and supplies.

Tarik and Farden were the only two communities in the Jadeon Kingdom to have rail access.