Telmar Navy Service
Vital statistics
Type Government
Level Navy
Location Nation of Telmar, 2nd World
Inhabitants Sailors
The Nation of Telmar Navy, officlally known as the Telmar Navy Service (TNS), is a branch of the Nation of Telmar Armed Forces.  The navy serves as a peace keeping force for 2nd World and a defense force for the Nation of Telmar.  The navy will often perform peace keeping missions as well as nation relations with neighboring countries.  It is one of largest water based military forces in 2nd World and is a blue water navy.  It is known for it's diverse nature of ships.


The Telmar Navy was formed in 2012.  The very first ship was the Rampart, followed by the Valor.  Various other ships quickly took shape soon after making the TNS one of the largest and most powerful navy forces in 2nd World with divisions for brown water, green water, and blue water.


Class Type Photo
Enforcer Class Patrol Boat
Athos Class Patrol/Gun/River
Paravel Class Cruiser
Rampart Class Destroyer