Timberline Highway
Timberline Highway through Timberline National Forest.
Vital statistics
Type Transportation
Level Highway
Location River County, Wood County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World.
Inhabitants Unknown
 The Timberline Highway runs east to west.  The eastern terminus is Riverbend and the western terminus is Timberline.  The highway runs through River County and Timber County.  It is one of the most traveled roads in 2nd World.


A need to connect Riverbend and Timberline was needed.  It was also seen as a alternative route if needed to get to Westport.  It would also allow for easier connection to Paramount.  The route was constructed and used several members to help finish.  Upon it's completion, a mass event was held that resulted in several people walking from Riverbend to Timberline to enjoy the grand opening of the Timberline Arena Snowdrift game.

Route DescriptionEdit

Heading westward from Riverbend, the route leaves the urban area of Riverbend and soon enters Timber County.  It follows alongside the Rapid River as it goes through the Timberline National Forest, then crosses over the Rapid River.  A branch road heads south to Bratnum Breach, Jaguar Head, and Port Frost.  The route passes the landmark Jaguar Head mountain as it continues westward, passing by a few farms, before coming to a stop in Timberline city limits.