Westport, Wood County, Nation of Aurum
Vital statistics
Type City
Level 5
Location Wood County, Nation of Aurum, 2nd World
Inhabitants Citizens
Westport is the largest city and county seat of Wood County in the Nation of Aurum, 2nd World.


Westport was one of the first major urban areas in the Nation of Aurum.  Roads quickly were built connecting to the city including the early Sun To Shine Highway which was later broken up and simply called the Westport Highway.  The South Highway was a major project that started in the city and ended in Southpoint.  The Wood County Highway also heads into the city from the north connecting it to Timberline.

Westport was the fourth rail station to be built on the early rail lines from Grand Junction, Riverbend, and Port Frost.

The town early one depended on the economy of the lake for fishing, which was transported on the many routes in and out of the city.

Early development began in the downtown district with the early formation of an arena and the core around it.  The arena originally had a glass roof, but complaints from Snowdrift players meant that the unique glass roof was covered by cement and topped with a rooftop plaza.  The Snowdrift arena in Westport was the second arena and competed with Riverbend's team.  High rise develope occured above the arena as well as to the south of it, and Westport quickly became an urban center.

City planners struggled to unite the main highway entering the city to the downtown core.  Many attempted were made by trying to make easy to access roads to the town core, but still many never went to the downtown and shopping development thrived only along the highway.  The arena also provided an issue for the city as it took up valuable downtown space and divided the city in half.  Planners then extended downtown development to the west of the arena and build up north to try and make the downtown area flow naturally.  Suburban development also occured in the western hillsides and extended northwest of the city.  Today Westport is an important commercial hub in the Nation of Aurum and considered one of the leading cities in 2nd World.


Westport is home to a large number of services including schools, medical services, and law enforcement services, shopping, and government authority.  It is the county seat of Wood County and home to the Wood County Sheriff's Office.  Westport also has a municipal police department.  Westport Terrace Plaza is home to most of the city's government services.  Westport General Hospital provides medical care for the area.

The Westport Mission is also located in the city and provides services and housing for people.

The city is also home to the head office of the Westport District Ranger Station Headquarters.


  • Affordable Fuels
  • Bank of Aurum
  • By The Cup Cafe
  • Captain Hornsbee's Seafood
  • Corner Grocer
  • Fast Snax
  • Fisherman's Fish Shack
  • Fresh Seafood Market
  • Grand Central Bank
  • Harlem House & Home Supplies
  • Hauling-Dash Moving Services
  • Inkscape Dyes & Craft Store
  • Material Supply & Hardware
  • Monkmon Offices
  • Milton Mounds Mining Company
  • Murphy Hardware
  • National Aurum Bank
  • Plaza Top Good Eats
  • Randy's Home Supply
  • Revenue and Game Service
  • Scootaloo's
  • The Canterlot Hotel
  • The Dock Grill
  • The Grand Equestrian Horse Shop
  • The Light Source
  • Western Hiker Outfitters Store
  • Western Wild Restaurant
  • Westport Books
  • Wood County Grocer


  • Chambers Square
  • Lomwood Park
  • Masters Square
  • Peekaway Look Park
  • Railroad Point Park
  • Westport Terrace Plaza


Westport News Network 4 is the local television news channel.